Love Song

There is nowhere else

I’d rather be than in your arms

Hand in hand
Your heart beat

Pulsating through my body

I rise and fall with the movement of your breathing

This is you living

I lay in the crook of your chest and you cover all of me

This is us being
This is us believing

This is to knowing one day this will not be
For you or for me

I choose to remember your warmth and the way you always enclose all of me

The sweat and the tears
Running and falling
Over and over

You are everything in mind

You are each breath and I am gasping

Medulla oblongata

At the end of all my smiles you are there

In every dream
In my premonitions
I paint pictures of you

You are the color on my black canvas life
And the blooming fields of my heart

I was left for dead and
You were wallowing there
Isn’t it funny that we fell in love in a cemetery

And that we would always rather burn our hearts

In boxes
or on a
cold winters day

We will feel the heat

We will write songs one day
Or maybe we won’t
But the world will never forget

I will never forget where we came from

Our love is a song
Our love is a song