For The Man That Loved Alcohol More Than Me

​​I watched you pine for her


With your secret trips

And your lies about who you were with


There was another woman

But your first love was

That burning liquid

In glass bottles

You tried to keep her hidden

Even when I knew

She was living in your back pocket

I found her in cupboards

Behind the washer

Under our bed

You would take me to dinner

But I always knew

She was your date

And that is who you would take home for the night

I grasped for you

Your hands

Too preoccupied with bottles

And slipping from the tops

I’m not going to pretend that your sickness defined us

That everyday life was

Our opening

And our close

We were this mixture

We were this cocktail


We could have been friends

Lord knows I tried

But I denied it and

I watched her kill you into our bitter end