Free Write

I see pictures of you with smiling children and of couples arm in arm in wedding gowns and jacket suits.

I know a picture is worth a thousand words but any word is worthless.

I know that smiles are conditioned at the site of cameras and that children naturally hold onto their parents.

Still I see these images and wonder if there will ever be real love for me.

Perhaps every moment is photographed and every digital box is sealed with grams of hearts and fingertips. We scroll endlessly, searching and yearning to be at the end of a fleeting existence.

We create stories each day to give strangers with insatiable eyes, but still we can not find our fill.

We can not make this fate appear.


I would have hiked every mountain between us.

Swam the oceans distance to be your home again.

But I watched you grasp at other hands, hands that fit in wedding dresses.

Made to kill and rest is endless.


Left me in a pile of guesses.