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You Still Call Me

My love was not enough to save you.

I realize this on the late night call of gratitude.

You still look to me when the other woman will not answer.

This is my life.

I loved you sincerely.

I loved you permanently.

You were not conditional.


I know that feeling well.

I know being dead and broken.

I never tried to change you.

I did not give up even when you left me.

So now I watch in silence.

We will all have to live with our own sins.

I wonder if you hated me that much, as much as your own self.

I try to run from you and still you follow.

I try to forget but you come for late night visits.

My mom said to grab a beer.

I toast for my journey,

although I know your pain,

I have given that piece already.

I never will again.