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Punk Rock Loyalty

Last night you slept in my bed.

I wrapped my arms around you just like old times.

These moments, I know, we can never return to, still I think you know.

We are the best and the worst for each other.

We indulge in one another’s insanities.

We go driving for hours,

playing one up on the stereo.

We loathe society.

We do not fit into the ideals of

anyone of anything….

But we had each other.

As beautiful and ugly as things could be.

Each extreme.

You tell me she enjoys nothing.

You sneer and call her your mommy.

I can see your confusion.

I pick up my guitar and you tell me,

We are Tim and Brody,

That I’ve always known,

I was the Bonnie and you were Clyde.

I called you my time bomb.

We know this.

It sits in the eyes of the beholden.

We are that destructive and menacing collective force.

The world will know us by our pain.

Our death will be our legacy.