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My favorite place to be is not on the bathroom floor and yet, I find myself here more than I’d like.

The cold cement isn’t soothing but it stings my skin right.

The way I remember I’m alive.

The space heater on and burning my shins, the shower in the back hits ceramic splashes.

I have cuts on my thighs and chunks missing from my feet.

Each step I take reminds me.

I remember crawling to your seat.

This movie plays on repeat.

Images pass in my mind, I push the colors down and out.

There are things I am afraid to remember but I sleep all day attempting to forget.

My body aches and I tell them all I am sick.

I’m afraid to see the outside and I want to be unmet.

I ponder about the last two years and fear I will never be enough….

I loved you without restraint and it killed me.

You break me everyday.