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I am mad right now. Because I went to the ER last night because I ate hazelnut and had an allergic reaction. I had only had slight tingly and itching in my throat the last time I ate some Nutella, so I decided to see if it would happen again. It did but much worse. Itchy all over, mouth and lips tingly and numb, my heart was racing. So I took a lot of benadryl because it wasn’t helping after the first two or three, so I took two more. Still wasn’t helping. Then I got diarrhea. And my hands started feeling numb, so I took myself to the ER at about 0100.

This is where I was met with assholes, wondering wtf I was doing there. The questioning looks of the nurses and the techs, asking me if I used my epipen. “No.” Because I don’t own one, I’ve never needed one. The resident all but accused me of being a drug addict and started explaining how you can tell the differences between a cholinergic reaction and an anticholinergic reaction. And that I probably wasn’t on cocaine because my skin and mouth was dry… like seriously, I’m fucking poor. Too poor for cocaine and too poor to come into the ER for no reason. Anyway, the MD came in after the resident and she was much nicer. In the end I was given a ranitidine and a prescription for prednisone, which is good because I’m still itchy today but haven’t gone and filled it yet. I slept most of the day because I was up all night and I missed my first class. I’m sitting in my second class now, wondering why I even bother. Long story short, I’m allergic to hazelnut and next time I’ll just stay home and not subject myself to the humiliation of going to the ER.