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A Piece of Universe

I may not be the prettiest woman. I am not tall nor slender. My thighs are strong but rub together when I walk. My back is curved and my neck is short, but my hands are warm and my heart is full of love. I’m loyal to the core. I would do anything for my loved ones. I am creative and silly and love to laugh.

I probably won’t cook you dinner. I definitely will not do your fucking laundry or pretend to even want to. I am not the golden woman or the trophy wife. However, I am a down ass bitch.

I would fight for you. I would die for you. That kind of commitment does not come around everyday. If I choose you, I have chosen all of you. Your scars, your addictions, your pain, because your scars and your pain become my own.

I believe in oneness and hope. I have seen the darkness and embrace it. I have bathed in light and rose petals. It’s all the same; a moment in time and passing of the planets. A piece of star dust. A bit of universe.