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Set Fire to the Third Bar

There was a time when this sound brought me to me knees.

I would reach across the bed and grasp at nothing.

I wonder where you are.

I wonder if you remember nights crying for me.

These words played and we held each other.

Forehead to chin, hands tied behind your neck.

Tears were open and we spent the hours weeping.

I remember wanting nothing but your warmth beside me. 

Please just stay, please don’t leave me.

When I was on the cold ground, this song was all I wanted.

Even now it plays and I recall how I longed for the comfort of your arms.

I still look for that in others.

They do not fit the same.

The touch of skin is foreign, not like a place but an intruder.

A body I can not recognize.

Your face sits in my silence and I remember your voice in the quiet moments.

The music fades softly in the distance, the space between us.

Piano notes remind me of the hazing places.

I look for you in all the passing faces.