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I Wish…

I wish you knew how much

I would like to speak with you.

I wish that I could say this

I wish you had not left me.

I wish none of it was true.

I hoped always for our future.

That you would find a way.

But you dragged me through your madness.

Yes you took me to out to play.

I want nothing more than to love you and

I would have seared this world.

Instead I burned on the cross.

I sat displayed for the crowd.

A mocking.

A joke.

Just like you always say,

I wished I was a treasure, like the broken records you would play.

I wished that you were only mine and 

that is the one piece that was never true.

I wished the mountains would rip apart 

to bring me back to you.

I wished on wishes and the stars

and blowing blossoms in the wind.

I wished for God to prove me wrong 

and for saving grace to win.

I hoped as lovers hope to make a life,

Find a path out of our sin.

If I could leave and never return

My wish would be to win.