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I Will Destroy You

‚ÄčDid you forget who I am?

You tried to proclaim her tallness and current ownership of you as proof of her willigness to fight.

Let me remind you who you are fucking with:

Top down, sunglasses on.

90 mph in Idaho fields.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and I know you like the way that looks.

I have razor cut hair and arms and thighs.

I took a hammer to your tv and a fist to your eyes.

I burned your shirts and broke your cds on a empty lot, with you on your knees.

I’d fuck you in bathrooms, in alleyways and watch you beg all night.

Stolen couches and cell phones and wrapped in Christmas lights.

Don’t pretend you can’t remember this whiskey fueled life. I took a pistol to the desert and I wrapped up bullets in the trunk. You seem to forget that Bonnie was an excellent shot.

I am not the one you want to look into your eyes.

I will jump in your car.

Your smoking ass on the platform.

I will force truth through your lies.

I am a kindling fire.

I am a raging flame.

I will burn through your madness as you recall I am the one insane.

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I’m not the kind of girl you can bring home to mother.

I will come over at 3 a.m. and sneak in your bed.

With you on your back and your hair in my hands.

You won’t forget my presence, my lips imprint upon your head.

Still I will be gone before the sun rises.

Like a dream, you can almost remember but can not ever forget.

I am only safe to recall in the dark of night.

The moon is my master and you will run from the light.

When you face actuality, you will know I have won this fight.